#3 Foundation Non-Profit Organization

#3 Foundation Non-Profit Organization

#3 Foundation Non-Profit Organization#3 Foundation Non-Profit Organization#3 Foundation Non-Profit Organization

#3 Foundation was established to honor my son Cal. We host 3 on 3 tournaments to raise scholarship money for students.

About Us

#3 Foundation Mission

This is the #3 Foundation symbol. This symbol was used after Cal's passing and

My wife and I established the #3 Foundation to honor our son Cal who passed away in May 2017 in a car accident. Cal was a state champion basketball player for the 2017 Muenster Hornets basketball team. A 3 on 3 for #3 was established in Muenster to raise money for the Cal York Scholarship Fund at Muenster High School. In 2019, We established the #3 Foundation as a nonprofit organization to conduct 3 on 3 basketball tournaments at other high schools to provide scholarships to graduating seniors like we do here at Muenster High School

#3 Foundation History

This symbol was created after Cal's passing  Encouraging people to put on window above door handle

I intend to use this foundation as a symbol for safe driving practices by teenagers, as well as adults. Distracted driving has become a serious problem in our society, and as a parent who lost his child in a car accident due to distracted driving I feel it is necessary to promote to everyone the need to drive without distractions, including the use of cellular devices. This sticker is called a "Remembrance" sticker and #3 Foundation is encouraging people to buy these stickers and place on driver's side window above door handle to remember to not drive distracted. These  "Remembrance" stickers can be purchased through the #3 Foundation for $3.00

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Your support and contributions will enable us to grow our foundation to establish annual scholarships to each school that hosts a #3 Foundation 3 on 3 tournament. 

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Muenster Registration Forms/Sponsor Forms

Muenster 3 on 3 for #3 tournament will be at Muenster H.S. on April 11, 2020. Fill out and return to the #3 Foundation. Forms can also be picked up at the Muenster H.S. office

Muenster 3 on 3 tournament registration form - Google Docs (pdf)


Sponsor Letter Muenster 3 on 3 - Google Docs (pdf)