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3 on 3 Tournaments

Since 2017 we have held a 3 on 3 for #3 In Loving Memory of Cal York Scholarship tournament here in Muenster. The funds generated through this tournament go into the #3 Foundation Cal York Scholarship fund for scholarships for graduating seniors from Muenster High School each year.

Purpose of #3 Foundation

The #3 Foundation wants to host other 3 on 3 tournaments at high schools where I (Cal's Father) was employed during my career and where Cal attended school. I John York am currently the High School Principal at Muenster High School and the founder of the #3 Foundation. I have been in education for 24 years and wish to provide monetary assistance to graduating seniors through the #3 Foundation. Schools where I am hosting tournaments to provide a #3 Foundation scholarship are at Muenster, Bowie, West, and Whitney. I am providing at two schools memorial scholarships from the #3 Foundation in the names of students at those schools who have passed in car accidents as well. If you would like to host a #3 Foundation 3 on 3 tournament at your school, please contact the #3 Foundation.